7. Scrabble is my all time favorite game

I'm addicted to the game of Scrabble. I have been known to play Scrabble and eat candy all day long with my friend Maria. Both she and I are pretty nice, calm, even headed people but when this game is played... watch out, our horns emerge. I have a magnetic travel size version that goes every where with me, from a bench sitting on the bank of the Thames River in London to the rose garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
It delights my brain!

Now I will tag,The Garden Brae,Garden..Dragons and little else, and Kiss My Aster, Compost in my shoe


sol y sombra creations said...

I think that was great! It's fun to get to know the people we email a bunch but have never met:)
I love the bedroom in the garden imagery AND I've always thought a house in a old church would be so pretty. did you ever see "alice's restaraunt?" they do live in a church.
my november show doesn't hang til november 5th..but i will take pics and post..the day of the dead show looks cool though...
nice to connect with you, sorry i tagged you:)

Leona Raisin said...

If you like Scrabble you'll love nods adorn fans.

Eden said...

I have plans to convert a church to a home but we will see what the future brings. I had some help to find a job in Ireland but it won´t be in Co. Kildare where "my" church is placed. It will be in Co. Cork and maybe there is a church waiting for me. Or maybe a country home where I can have horses.
Have a nice day.

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Oh Eden, your dream of horses and converted church home in Cork seem so tangible to me. It will happen.

Meanwhile Karrita, are you my twin sis separated at birth?Firstly I am such a smug nerd at scrabble - friends won't play with me - and family do it in the hopes to kick my smug ass - which they do. Then your picture for this post LOVE it - I have a collection of vintage old pulp paperbacks.

This has been very cool and so fun to get to know about you.


My Mother's Garden said...

Strawberry- Thank you for the "tag." I actually enjoyed doing it more than I thought I would and now I get to learn more about some of the other bloggers out there.

Leona- Great anagram game! Thanks for the link!

Eden- Hoping that your church will be found soon! Ireland must be a land of beauty. I saw the photos of your church and it truly is beautiful. Wishing you the best!

I so enjoyed all of your comments!
What a great coincidence that we have so much in common! Did you ever play scrabble at the scabulous site? It was great! I think it's in the process of a name change because of legal issues. I"ll post it to you if it ever comes back. They offered a great email version of the game.
Looking forward to seeing your "tag" post.

TC said...

I've played many times. But usually get yelled at for making up words. aren't writer,s allowed?. (Can you find the punctuation errors in the last sentence?)

Have you ever read, "Death by Scrabble?"

My Mother's Garden said...

I'm off to check out "Death by Scrabble." I like the title.

My Mother's Garden said...

I have tears in eyes, "Death by Scrabble" was hilarious. I was laughing from the beginning while wondering if I was "twisted" because I thought he was so funny.
I'll be passing it on to my fellow scrabble freaks :)

Linda Lunda said...

Hihihi... nice to know al of this about you!
Soon I will respond to your tagging!


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