New Beauties For The Garden From The Plant Affair

This is a mystery plant that I bought this weekend at the Broward Plant Affair in Heritage Park. I think it may be in the Clerodendrom family. What do you think? It has beautiful variegated leaves and sweet clusters of blooms.

This one is the Coral Vine(antigonan leptopus) so pretty in pink! It's also called "The chain of love." This one will have to grow in a large pot on the patio since it is very invasive. I hope it does well.

This is the triple petaled Blue Butterfly Pea ( clitoria ternatea). Really exquisite blue hue.

This gorgeous tree is the Hibiscus Mutabilis also known as the Confederate Rose tree, it has amazing big blossoms that start out white in the morning, then turn pink in the afternoon sun and end the day in red. AMAZING!!! I pray she will make it in my yard, mine is only four inches tall.

These last photos are of our booth set up at the Plant Affair, it really was a great weekend!


Linda Lunda said...

Hi K!
What wonderfull plants you got for your garden! I did recognize some of them from Thailand. The first one is so beautiful with the variegated leafs.
And the hibiscus WOW!!!! I would like on like that in Thailand to... The funny thing is that when I spoke to my father last night( he lives in Thailand) he said that they had bought a plant that did that thing with the colourchange! Maby its the same plant? I hope so becours then it would meen that I can get hold on it when I go there next time!
The photos of al yout artwork was amazing! I did looooooook a looooooog time at the photos.
By the way.. I have some seeds fore the clitora-flower. In thailand they have this plant to make black colour fore there hair!!!

sol y sombra creations said...

Your booth looks great! I hope you did well:)
I have "tagged" you to share 7 random things about yourself...check with my blog to see what i mean.....

Petra said...

Wow, this Hibiskus is wonderful! I believe you had a great weekend :o)


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