6. I have always dreamed about having a bedroom in the garden

Bed photo from Backyardentrepeneur.com

I wish I could have found a photo of what I have always imagined for my garden bedroom. I see a beautiful wrought iron bed entwined with vines and surrounded by all of my favorite flowers and a giant sized super deep claw foot tub in my garden bedroom. A place of pure peace and joy!


West Coast Island Gardener said...

Again, this is great. Bedknobs and Broomsticks comes to mind and there is an antique iron childs headboard I have my eye on I want for my garden $150 though gulp. And ya know what...I bought soap in a market at Missoula Montana with the cowgirl in a bath silloutte label because I loved the image.

I know this is the witching season...but come on now - our similarities are starting to get spooky.

My Mother's Garden said...

I feel strangely connected to you somehow. It's so interesting that we have so many different things in common. I tell you... this whole blogging experience has been more fun and interesting than I imagined.
I just think it is so cool to connect with people all over the world.
Maybe you'll get the garden headboard for Christmas :)

TC said...

A "bedroom in the garden.' Now that would be something I could handle! (Do you see the punctuation error in the first sentence?)

My Mother's Garden said...

caught that one!


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