Today I was a "Featured Etsy Artist Interviewee"

Today I feel honored and grateful! A fellow Etsy seller "Bliss Soybean Candles," chose "My Mother's Garden" for their featured etsy artist interview.
Click here to check it out:


West Coast Island Gardener said...

A joy to read your interview and learn more about you as an artist. I don't think my wallet will thank you for introducing me to Etsy. Your round ivy birdhouse will be hinted at to my hubby for a Christmas gift.


My Mother's Garden said...

Isn't Etsy awesome?!! I just love all the creativity. Will you ever open up shop and showcase your creations? You have some beautiful photographs. And I can only imagine what else you have after seeing your pumpkin carving and glass blowing pics.
I'm delighted to hear you like the ivy birdhouse! :)

Thanks for checking out the interview!

Linda Lunda said...

Hi K!
Thanks for this post! I find your website today !!!!
And there I did found a photo of you and your mother... but it was hard to tell witch one of the two ladys that was you.....
Hihi.. but I think I figured it out!
YOU are so BEAUTIFUL! And al your artwork are to! I´m out of words.

Eden said...

Loved to read and learn more about you and your work. Have a nice day.

Petra said...

Congratulations for this interview......hmmmm, missed Linda and myself on your shown blogglist, hahaha

The Organic Gardener said...

How exciting, i didn't even know you sold your art work. That is really cool. I read the Etsy interview, and would have to agree with you that the round birdhouse is my fav. too!

sol y sombra creations said...

Very cool, Karrita! I hope that brings you much deserved exposure...and thanks for mentioning my blog and tile, very sweet:)
are you going to see "secret life of bees" movie? i just hope they don't "hollywood-up" the of my fave books too!


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