Found a frog who needs a toad abode today

I found this little guy in the dogs water bowl last week. I think it needs one of my toad abodes as he seemed a little startled when the dogs came over to inspect their bowl. Thank goodness my dogs, Cici and Piper ( the sweetest mutts in the world) don't have much interest in the frogs anymore. It seems that the frogs emit some sort of poison that after each of my dogs had a run in with, they gave up on hunting them for good. That's a good thing because some of the frogs in Florida are actually very poisonous and have been known to kill dogs. Bufo frog is the deadly one.


Petra said...

Funny picture with this bathing frog! But brrrrrr, poison frogs over there in Florida. Smart dogs you have not hunting them!!!
Have a great week, regards, Petra

Linda Lunda said...

Our toads are also a bit poison on/in there skin!
Frogs here are not poisones.
Your dogs looking lovely! I love dogs...I have two boys.

Eden said...

Frogs and dogs... Love them both but most dogs of course. We are about to buy our second dog and most possibly a cockerspaniel...have a nice day

Linda Lunda said...

Thanks Karrita for the hello! Things are ok now!
Thank you for your suport and nice words!

I would like,and be happy, if you send me an email :o)!

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Cheeky Frog! Maybe he is a prince in need of a kiss?

Your darling dogs - how adorable snuggling with each other. Dogs rule!

Your post brought a smile to my morning.


Linda Lunda said...

Nock nock... wake up!
Its a lovely day and you gona miss it if you steel sleepning ;o)))))!!!
God morning sunshine!

compost in my shoe said...

A sign of a healthy garden when frogs and dogs can live happily in the same habitat!

Petra said...

Hello again, how´s the frog doing?
Still swimming arround?
Have a nice weekend.

Karin SKARA said...

Lovely Blogg you have.
I hope both the frog and dogs still is OK.
Have a nice weekend.
Karin 3 //

My Mother's Garden said...

Frogs and dogs lived happily ever after!

Thanks for all the fun comments!

Karrita, Cici, Piper and Mr. Frog


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