The Garden is a Mirror of the Soul

I love the quote " The garden is a mirror of the soul."
Take a peek in your garden today and see what is reflected back to you.
"Uh, oh"... my garden is in major transition and ready for an overhaul at the moment, but by this weekend she should be rejuvenated with many new additions. Here, in South Florida, our vegetable gardening season has just arrived and it is my favorite time of year to garden.


Linda Lunda said...

WOnderful! I thing the artwork of artpeaploe also reflekt the soul(not me hhihihii).

Petra said...

Sooooo goood! My mom was used to say the windows are the housewifes mirror :o)
I do love your signs !
I´ve one that says:
This is a selfcleaning kitchen, so please clean up after yourself!
I made it when I got tired of all the mess in the kitchen after children and husband.
And I can tell you, they didn´t like my little ceramic-sign at all, but it is still on the wall.
Have a nice weekend and enjoy your garden!

Eden said...

Love your art and would love to be artistic my self but I´m not. I love to write things and I´m writing on a piece now. Have a nice day

West Coast Island Gardener said...

I like the colours you chose for your signs. So true about gardens reflecting the state of oneself. Uh oh..I think my garden is in transition, too... from tame, strict order, to something more romantic, natural and wilder.



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