Beautiful Crocheted Large Shawl in multiple colors by Jenco13.

I recently found this lovely shawl on Etsy and was so touched by the inspiration of Jen of Jenco13 creations that I wanted to share it.

Quoted fromJen's Jenco13 profile page.

"Most of the money I earn through my crocheting goes into making care packages for the troops overseas. I currently have several friends there that I will send a package to and they share with their fellow soldiers."

"I also volunteer to make handmade scarves and blankets for a local charity that provides them to cancer patients and other’s who are in need."


Jenco13 said...

Thanks so much for this--your too kind :)

Linda Lunda said...

What a big worm heart she must have!

Petra said...

Nice scarf.
But I will not think about chilly evenings, I will enjoy summer and it´s warmth.
Have a nice day, Petra

Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals said...

That shawl is gorgous... reminds me of a beautiful autumn afternoon in the woods. And her warm caring and actions for others makes it even better!


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