Goddess of Gratitude

This is one of my recent garden goddesses.
I call her the goddess of gratitude, if you look closely you'll see that her crown has the word GRATITUDE and entwined throughout her garden are many things to be grateful for.

How many words do you see?

What words would you add to your garden of gratitude?

I included seven things to be grateful for in my garden: love, life, family, friends, health, joy and today.


Autumn Belle said...

Hey, That's a lovely goddess!

Linda Lunda said...

That is so lovely!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh Karrita, she is beautiful! I would say I'm thankful for the same things that you are! And with my blog title/name, "Thanks For 2 Day", I'm thankful for 'today', as well:-) You are so very talented! I wish I could see your garden and art work in person, I can tell they're just beyond amazing! Happy 4th of July!

tina said...

You got all the right words Karrita. They sure sum up the way I feel about my garden.

Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals said...

She's quite beautiful... so fitting for a garden. The words you chose are perfect. Bravo!

CiNdEe said...

What a beautiful Goddess of Gratitude! That is just lovely!
Having a garden and seeing the flowers bloom does make me grateful!

Dirt Princess said...

I love it!!!!

Fresh Metal said...

I just love all the detail and meaning you put into this peice!

Laura Trevey said...

This is so Beautiful!!!
Hope you are doing well ~~

xo Laura

Petra said...

Hello Karrita, this new godess includes all the importent things of life. Wonderful done of you.
Have a nice day and enjoy !


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