One Lovely Blog Award

To my surprise I was given this lovely blog award twice in one day by KayzKreations and Zaftigdelights. Thank you! As part of the award I'm supposed to share this award with 15 other bloggers that I truly enjoy reading and love the looks of their blog or their helpfulness. So here goes. I hope you check out my random list and enjoy their blogs as much as I do:
Sweet Scarlett
BG Garden All the latest dirt
Trials and Tribulations of a
Southern Gardener
My Rustic Bajan Garden Pat Parker's Stoneware Pottery

If you'd like to pass the award on to a favorite new blogger, these are the suggested rules.
  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
  3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
Happy day to all! ~ Karrita


Darla said...

thank you...I now have two awards to pick up today!!

Bren said...

THANK YOU!! I am so very honored that you would think of me. I have only been given one other award for my blog. I am going to add it to my right side bar on my blog for EVERYONE to see and it will be linked to you of course.

Happy SPring and THANK YOU Dearly!

StudioCherie said...

Karita, What a nice suprise this morning! Thank you.

Boro Gardener said...

Oh wow, thanks! I'm a beginner gardener and a beginner blogger so this is perfect. I've already found a bunch of terrific blogs to read. This should keep me busy for the rest of the day--avoiding the stuff I'm supposed to be doing.

Dirt Princess said... sweet...I am glad someone enjoys reading all of my ramblings!

Tootsie said...

thank you!!! now I have three awards to finally post about ...will hopefully get to do it this week!

islandgal246 said...

Karrita thank you1! This is my first award and I am thrilled and honoured that you shared it with me. Glad that you enjoy my blog. Now I am off to visit the awardees. LOL

TeresaM said...

Thank you!

Laura Trevey said...

This did bring a smile to my face!!

Thanks a million~~

xo Laura

Lorilee said...

Thank you so much! I am flattered that you thought of my blog.

The Practical Preserver said...

Just discovered your blog! What a wonderful treat. Looking forward to following you.

Susan said...


Thankyou for this blog award. It is my first! And, for the list of blogs you like. I'm looking forward to checking them out.



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