Pass it around! Which Three Plants Would You Take With You?

Shirl's Desert Island Plant Challenge, Thursday 22nd January 2009 .
I wanted to spread the word and pass on the fun of this challenge. Which three plants will you take? Anything will grow and there is plenty of food on the island.

Think about it and then head on over to Shirl's to share the plants that you would take with you .

Shirl will set up a link list for you to leave the URL of your posting on her blog so we can share in our choices.

She also says," I will try to invite as many bloggers as I can but if you could help me by passing the word around that would be great. Feel free to copy my photo. No problem if you don’t have a blog either you can still take part by adding your choices as a comment to my posting - the more the merrier. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's plant selections and I am guessing at a few too!"

Have fun and enjoy!


tina said...

You are a dear....

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I think I'll add it to my blog, too:) Different people visit each blog so, that'll help get the word out.

shirl said...

Thanks so much! The list is ready and waiting now :-D

Nicole said...

I love roses and lilies, so I could be your neighbor on the island and enjoy them from you!


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