Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

What's blooming in the garden today?

Asarina Wislizensis
Rose Mallow also called Tropical Hollyhock
Cassia bush
Perennial Marigold


Karen Hall said...

Lovely blooms - today, I envy you your warmer climate :)

Gunilla said...

I must wait for the flowers in my garden about four month. at the middel of June the flowers starts to bloom. We have a lot of ice and snow left. Today it was -16 C.


Gunilla in Sweden

tina said...

Now all of us north of you are drooling....lovely colors-lucky you!

gardenerprogress said...

Wow, how lucky are you!

Sue said...

I hope I have flowers like yours in a couple months! Lovely!

Linda Lunda said...

No flowers in sight here... just coold and grey wether.
Lucky you K!

Darla said...

Just lovely, I adore the Hibiscus.

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Karen~
I must say, I really do like living in an all year warm climate. I don't know how you guys handle the cold weather.

Hi Gunilla~
Brrr, -16C ! I hope you are bundled up inside a warm house. I bet you just can't wait till spring.

Hi Tina~ Thanks for coming by! Pretty soon I'll be drooling over all the spring bulbs and blooms you guys up north get to experience, then it'll be lucky you!

Hi Gardenerprogress~
Thanks for stopping by! I, do feel fortunate to get to garden year round.

Spring is coming and so will the flowers! Thanks for visiting!

Hi Linda~
I hope the cold and gray weather means you can spend lots of time in your studio creating :)

Hi Darla~
Thanks for visiting again!

Roses and stuff said...

How lovely to have blooms in your garden - this time of year it's freezing up here and quite dark. You've got a very nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita, how tropical everything looks there, lush, green and colorful. Aaahhh, I needed that shot in the arm, thanks! :-)

Gail said...

Very nice blooms...and I've enjoyed looking at your pottery, too. gail

My Mother's Garden said...

Katarina~ Thanks so much for the visit! Tropical Florida is delightful compared to the cold extremes brought by winter around the world. Glad you like the blog!

Thanks for coming over to visit! I'm glad my garden pics gave a needed "shot in the arm."

Thanks for the visit! I too, have enjoyed your blog!


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