Artists In The Garden: LindaLunda of Tradgardsdraken

Welcome to the first of a series of interviews about artists who garden. Today's interview will be with LindaLunda, a ceramic artist and fellow Blotanical blogger Tradgardsdraken, from Sweden.
1. What is your art, hobby or craft? How did you come to creating it?
I work in Clay/Ceramics. Becours we live in a country with cold winters I only work with stonwhere-clay so that I can have my ceramic outside even if it´s get a bit frosty.
I have always, even as a child liked to play Clay. When I was little I loved to play with playdoe and that cind of kids toy.
Most of my skills I have learnd my self. I have been attended some amaturesclasses when I was yonger to.

2. What is your inspiration?

My insperation is fairetales, Fantasystorys/films, Vikings, dragons, Historys about old coultures and more.
I do look at my childrens movies and sometimes finds nice things there that gives me insperation.
And boks from the past, like when my mother was young gives me a great insperation.
Sometimes I see something in a friends garden or on the internet that I fancy and get going on that .. to translate it in to clay. Like my gargoyle.

3. How does your garden or nature influence your art?
Im not shure... they are conected in some whay.. but I cant put my finger on it. But I like my artwork to melt in to my garden.... thats wy I like to work with colors that dont take over the flowers and plants ....
And I like when I have placed one of my objekt that its there but maby you dont notice at once.

4. Will you share some pictures of your garden with us?

Yes of course!

5. A picture of your favorite plant?
Do I have to chose only One! I love so many!!!

6. Do you have a favorite public garden to recommend?
Yes! The Gothenburg Botanical is one of the best ever in Sweden!

7. Any photos of your art in the garden?

8. What is the best lesson you have learned from the garden or nature?
That nothing never grows(showes) like you plan it to. The plants has there on way and will!

9. Do you have a gardening tip to share with fellow gardeners?
Dont make you garden to something you have to do fore other people... Its supose to be a place to relax and enjoy even when you cut the lown(grass).

10. Show us your favorite creation.

Thank you Linda Lunda for sharing your creative experience with us! I know this was a challenge for you to do in the English language as Swedish is your native language and I applaud your English writing skills. Great job!
For those interested in purchasing a piece of Linda's art or taking a ceramic course with her, she can be contacted via email at ~

Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment if you'd like and stay tuned for the next "Artists in the Garden" interview.


tina said...

How neat! And fun to get to know Linda a bit too. I really agree with her lesson on the plants never growing as you intend them too. How very true!!

Monica said...

Great fun to read about Linda...I just love her ceramic and have a dragon in my family named Ingheborg and Linda is the "mom" :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita and Linda, I am a big fan of you both! It was a pleasure to hear Linda speak about her art and her garden. Especially where she gets inspiration. As a true creative spirit, she can find inspiration eveywhere! Well done to you too, Karrita with questions that the readers love to hear the answers to! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Karrita-
I enjoyed reading the interview and looking at the photos :) It's fun to read about what inspires a person to create the things they create!


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

What a great idea. Linda is an artist, a gardener, and quite a nice person, as well...from my brief interaction:) I'm glad you were able to talk with her and share it with us;)

lili11 said...

Gee ... I wish I have more time to spend in my garden ...

Linda Lunda said...

Sweet sweet Karrita!
What a nice jobb you have done!!!!
O dont feel I´m worth this..... I´m afraid that maby my head will explode of this honnor!

Gunilla said...

What a great idea, Linda is a very creativ person. She deserves all the attention
I really adore the dragon

Anonymous said...

Well I enjoyed that very much. I didn't know all that about Linda and what a treat to find out. I like her sleeping dragon best too.

~~~Lydias Gröna Fingrar~~~ said...

Love your photos, and yes, Linda has great art.
Kind regards,

annette emms said...

oh, this is wonderful.
Such a pretty garden and a very talented artist.
I absolutely love the sleeping dragon, he's magic!

Sylvia (England) said...

Hi Karrita and Linda thank you for a lovely post. Karrita, what a great idea I look forward to more posts in the series, I hope you will do one where 'you' answer the same questions!

Linda as you know I love your ceramics if I was ever without family ties I would love to come to one of your courses - I can dream!

Best wishes to you both Sylvia (England)

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Well, I know my plants don't always grow as I intend them to! I love the art. It has taken me years to figure out just what kind of art I would like in my garden- I kinda like turtles and can't ever find them. I work with clay and have often thought of making a miniature hidden country town with little creatures- this does inspire me. Some day maybe! :)- thanks for visiting today!

The Organic Gardener said...

That was such a cool interview. Linda in very good at ceramics! I though about doing some interviews also. Thanks a ton!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful and inspiring post. I'm looking forward to your next guest!

Linda Lunda said...

Thank you Karrita for this!!!
I hope you will make an interviuv of your self to!!!!

And thank you al for your nice and kind comments on my ceramic.


Susan Tomlinson said...

How wonderful to hear from Linda about her artwork. I love all the photos she provided, both of her work and the garden itself. What fun it must be to stroll through the garden and stumble upon some of those ceramic pieces!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to do a series of posts about Artists who Garden. It is great to get to know LindaLunda a bit more through her art and her garden.
Thank you both
Karen - An Artist's Garden

My Mother's Garden said...

Thank you to all who left a comment on Linda Lunda's interview! I agree 100% with everything you all said. Linda is an amazing artist both in the garden and her ceramic art. I so enjoyed getting to know her through this interview and the pictures she shared with us.

To those of you that commented on me doing an interview of myself. Maybe someday...after the "Artists in the garden" series is finished.

Wishing all a good day!



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