These stinging caterpillars ate most of the Hibiscus leaves right off the bush

Found these in the garden today and was surprised by the stinging sensation I felt when my arm rubbed against the cluster. Anybody know what they are? They are quite pretty but I must say quite dangerous to the touch. The bush looks pretty sad at the moment, I will cross my fingers all will be well after these caterpillars finish their business. I added a picture of the bloom that usually accompanies the bush, I think she is so pretty.


Linda Lunda said...

I dont know what they are... We dont have them here.... Butt they surtenly are pretty. To bad they seems to do so mutsh damage!

Amanda Thomsen said...

I think you have some Io Moth caterpillars...

My Mother's Garden said...

You are right about the type of caterpillar., I just checked it out on google image. They actually turn into a beautiful moth.


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