Magic Fairy Toadstools


Linda Lunda said...

This ones are yust great fun!
I thinging about Alice in Wonderland!

Jane Marie said...

These are so colorful they'll stop people in their tracks. Cute!

Petra said...

Wonderful creations!
These would perfectly fit in my garden :o)

spookydragonfly said...

Glad I visited your are talented! Usually I go for muted tones in garden accessaries...but these colorful toadstools are just too sweet...I love them!

Tinchen said...

Oh, this is a nice idea! I love them so much, they are so colorful and very cute! I love these creations so much and think they would perfectly in my mothers garden too :).

It's a nice idea and I think, I will come to your wonderful place now very often - you are a very talented designer for so very small and cute things too!

Sorry for my bad English, but I don`t know if you understand German - so I try to write in your language some words, to let you know, I were here ...

Have a wonderful day,
greetings from Germany,



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