Twelve Days of Christmas in a Florida Garden - Day 10

Meems over at Hoe and Shovel has been doing a wonderful series for the last ten days on Florida gardening called "Twelve Days of Christmas in a Florida Garden". I thought I would join in on the festivities for day 10 and show the Angels Trumpet and Jamaican Croton blooming in my garden right now. I love the contrast of these two plants together. I look out of my dining room window to see these beauties and they bring a smile to my face and comfort to my heart. If you get a chance, follow the link to Meems blog and check out her amazing garden.
Happy Holidays to all!


Darla said...

O heck yeah I'd be showing this off too!! Love it!!!

Meems said...

Those two make a perfect combination. And don't you just love having a favortite focal point looking out from windows. It's like double pleasure. I think I see some bleeding heart, a blooming Red Cloak (mine isn't blooming yet)and maybe some salvia coccinea. Very nice together.

Thank you so much for joining in with a day of your own to feature your pretty December garden. I think you might so far south you didn't get this cool front we are enjoying. It won't last long but it is a nice change.
Merry Christmas to you. *hugs*

Susan said...

I love the combination of the Jamaican croton and the angel trumpet. I have an angel trumpet like yours, and now I must find one of those Jamaican crotons. I can't recall seeing one in this area, but I'll keep looking.

Jaci said...

Karrita, that is a beautiful combination! How nice to look out and see such glorious plants at this time of year :)

missbreezysbox said...

Meems garden is beautiful. I especially like the butterflies. I really like the Jamaican croton in your garden. Happy Holidays!

Judybec said...

Wonderful combination! -- thanks for sharing Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

That's lovely! And an added bonus is seeing all the other plants as mentioned by Meems. Will surely check hers out.

Thanks for dropping by my new home:) Have a great weekend!

Christine B. said...

Love the idea of twelve days of Christmas garden photos. Great pic, warms me up imagining there is something green growing in the world(here in Alaska all is covered in white at the moment).

Christine at Last Frontier Garden


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