How Many Hibiscus Can A Girl Have?

I was sitting in my garden the other day and noticed that I have probably gone a little overboard on the hibiscus plants in my garden. I decided a few years ago that I just loved having them in the garden because they seem to bloom year round down here in Florida. Hibiscus are the perfect flower to go with my favorite quote by R.W.Emerson, "The earth laughs in flowers". What flower do you have the most of in your garden? I'd love to hear what your most favorite and abundant bloomer is. Happy gardening!


Darla said...

I'm not sure right now...You cannot have too many Hibiscus!!! Yours are beautiful.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Your hibiscus are just beautiful. I have (7) rose bushes in the back garden and (3) hibiscus. They are starting to come back again now that the heat is not quite as bad here in Phoenix. The sun really cooks everything in the Summer time, and then in the Fall they all start coming back for a visit.

Have a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing. Country hugs, Sherry

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

You have some beauty's.Never can have too many. I love the pink one with the dark foliage. So pretty.

Lorilee said...

I don't think you can have too many! Especially since there are soooo many varieties! I would have more if they didn't freeze back here.

Meems said...

Oh, you are really making me think. First, I just LOVE seeing all the hibiscus flowers just south of my county. It's as if you cross over an imaginery line and big, lush hibiscus shrubs look so wonderful. Here, they tend to freeze back and get lots of aphids. I have one orange one blooming its head off right now and the maple leaf (I don't think it is a true hibiscus) but it has buds all over it right now.

All of yours are just lovely.

My favorite flowering... all around... stand up, stand by plant is probably pentas. They are so happy all year long and require so little care... plus they are easily propogated from cuttings and even seed themselves. No pests, easy-peasy... butterfuly, bee loving blooms.

Loving the weather today... hope you are too.

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi everyone~
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your favorite blooming flowers with me today!

Sherry, lucky you to be able to grow so many roses. Roses are one of the flowers I miss being able to grow.

Meems, you have inspired me to add more pentas to the garden this year. I think they are just lovely and especially like that they bring more butterflies to the garden.

Shari said...

I ended up with a bumper crop of Butterfly Milkweed in my butterfly garden this year. I also planted bright orange zinnias, both of which love the Okie sun and can survive the summer wind, or a good drenching in Oklahoma rainstorms.

I loved the tour of so many beautiful Hibiscus!

Petra said...

Hello Karrita, wow, such wonderful hibiscus you have. I have only two, a blue one and a light rose one. They are more suffering than blooming over here in Sweden, but lucky me living át the South Coast can´t complain, my shrubs at least survive ;O) We´ve already got snow, not much and it melted by now, but I´m afraid it´s over with the gardenseason until april.
Well, this way I have more time for my ceramics. There was some courses as well and my "students" just loved creating.
have a wonderful sunday.

Kanak Hagjer said...

All your Hibiscus blooms are beautiful! The pink ones, especially! My most-profusely-blooming bush is the Ixora. although I have them in three colours, one is doing really well. And bougainvillea. I have them in 6 colours.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your site is really beautiful. Love visiting all the pretty flowers. Wish I had a green thumb
Thank your for joining my site and I hope you entered the giveaway

Gail said...

They certainly are lovely! When you love a plant and it grows well for you...there isn't really a problem! Right! gail

Darla said...

I so hope that my mystery plant is this hibiscus!!!!

tina said...

I think you just can't have too many. They are all lovely!

Wendy said...

You can Never have too many hibs!! I love them all. I also belong to an internet hibiscus society and everyone posts pics of their favourite hibs.
I found you through Kanak's blog. And I'm intrigued by your garden ceramics. Will check them out!

Katie said...

Hey, I saw you at the Plantation Art in the Park. I thought your stuff was great, creative, and lovely. I especially liked your idea with the doylies. My mom and I are probably going to take a cermaic class at the local community college, just to have some fun. :-) Good luck with the rest of your art shows.

compost in my shoe said...

I have more crinums in my garden than any other group. Just cannot seem to get enough of them.


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