Faces In The Garden

I love accenting my garden with beautiful faces in unexpected places. I like to think of them as little garden spirits who add a bit of mystery to my flower garden. I always have to stop and smile when I see one of these faces peeking out at me through the flowers. The one above was one of my first raku fired pieces, she's a personal favorite of mine.

This one was supposed to be the centerpiece to a water fountain. A neighbor had it placed on the curb for the garbage man. "One man's junk is another man's treasure." I was very excited to bring this piece home to the garden.

This one is a new planter filled with Christmas cactus. I can't wait to see blooms spilling out from her crown.

This is a piece I made into a planter and then filled up with dendrobium orchid plants. Looking forward to her blooms too.

This one has a bromeliad growing in her crown that looks spectacular when in bloom.

Does anyone else like to include faces in their garden decor?


tina said...

Wonderful faces Karrita. I like the centerpiece the best I think, but they are all lovely. Do I have faces in my garden, not so many. I have a ceramic head that was painted green that graces a spot in the garden. She's not holding up well though. I think that is all except maybe the frogs and squirrel faces. Do they count? No human faces.

Anonymous said...
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Darla said...

I haven't any faces in my gardens to speak of, angels here and there that's it. You are so inspiring me to add different types though. Love all of the faces in your garden.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Very nice--the faces between plants. I don't have any at the moment but if I find after scouring the markets here, I'd love to add them. I like the one with the Christmas cactus a lot. BTW, the variegated foliage in the first photo--is it catmint?

My Mother's Garden said...

The variegated plant in the first photo is the herb, Mexican oregano, it has a wonderful scent and the flavor is mild compared to traditional oregano. Hope you find some lovely faces to add to your garden!


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