Today's Blooms

Ipomea, perennial morning glory


Petrea, queens wreath vine

Gloriosa lily

California poppy


Ruelia, Mexican petunia



Petra said...

Hello,soooooo wonderful! You are really spoiled with such a climate and garden. Have a great day, Petra

compost in my shoe said...

Keep telling myself to buy gloriosa bulbs and plant them everywhere in the garden. It is one of my all time favorites. Great pics!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Those are some very pretty flowers you have! I wish I could the morning glory here. I'm afraid to plant them because there is a white one that will take over the whole neighborhood.
Do you know the variety of yours? Maybe it's a different type, it's just beautiful.

My Mother's Garden said...

Petra~ I do love the year round gardening we get here in Florida but sometimes miss the spring blossoms found in colder climates.

Compost~ I love the gloriosa lily too! It seems to love our hot climate.
Catherine~ My morning glory bush is called "Ipomea carnea" and it's not anywhere near as invasive as the regular vine variety. I'll send you some cuttings to start if you'd like.

Darla said...

Very beautiful! That looks like a Painted Lady Hibiscus you have there.

tina said...

Never seen such a pretty morning glory-wonderful!

Linda Lunda said...

It takes my breath away!

Gail said...

So lovely, tell us a bit more about the vining plant! it's a fantastic color and look! I do love penstemons and the ruellias. gail

My Mother's Garden said...

I highly recommend the ipomea carnea plant! It has been a year round stunning bloomer for me in my zone 10 garden.
For those of you that are interested in learning more about the perennial morning glory bush this site has all of the plant characteristics:

Happy gardening~ Karrita

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lovely, lovely blooms! I'm growing Mexican petunia for the first time. Must make a list of all the blooms that I've never grown-- like the gloriosa lilies. I'm fascinated by morning glories and Ipomoea carnea is gorgeous!! So's the orchid!

Susan said...

Karrita -

Nice meeting you at the Mounts Plant Sale a few weeks ago. I love the soap dish and spoon holder I bought from you.

Susan (from the Wellington Garden Club)

Dirt Princess said...

I missed this post somehow????? Gloriosa lilies are one of my fave! They are wonderful. I got mine from my grandmother. I just planted a morning glory tree from my mom. Ever heard of it? It is doing well. I can't wait to see it in action.

Midnightcoiler said...

Wow! Beautiful tropical garden! Great flowers and your photos are wonderful.

Tootsie said...

these are so beautiful! I would like to invite you to join us in Fertilizer Friday over at my blog...grab my photo logo thing and link up...share your beautiful gardens!


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