A Few Pieces From My Etsy Shop Garden Collection

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I've been rephotographing all of the items in my Etsy shop these last few days. I'm trying to spice up my shop and give everything a little bit of a garden feeling for the background. I've also been toying with the idea of doing a contest and free give away here on the blog. I'm still in the process of coming up with how I will do the contest and how I will tie it into my etsy shop and gardening at the same time. Maybe I'll do a combo of a garden flower dish and the seeds of the plant that were used to make the dish, as the first contest prize. I have a new dish that I'm really pleased with that was created from the Milkweed (asclepias curassavica), that I have growing in my garden. The milkweed plant is a wonderful addition and asset to any garden, as it provides the larval food source for the Monarch butterfly.

I'd love to hear any thoughts from my fellow gardeners on contest or give away ideas.
Wishing everyone a happy weekend~ Karrita


Outside In said...

How about close caption photo of a flower?

Dirt Princess said...

You are so amazingly talented! I have to visit your shop. I love every piece you creat!

tina said...

No ideas Karrita. Maybe just do a name in the hat? Very wonderful dishes. I treasure mine and it is nearby right here in the computer room.

Linda Lunda said...

Hi sweety!!!!
Sooo many post to reed!!!
Love them al.
Im back in Sweden.

Gunilla said...

What lovely photos of all the thinks that you have done. I love them all.


Petra said...

I really like the way you have re-arranged your pictures. They look great.
Have a nice week, Petra

Darla said...

These are nice pieces! I would love to win one and thinking very hard about purchasing one too!!

BlossomingTree said...

The dishes are beautiful and I love the simplicity of the mushroom markers.

Gail said...

Just wanted to say hello and catch up with you. You have been busy! The old drawing a name from a hat is fun! gail

Cate said...

Love the shroom garden markers!
You inspire me!


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