Happiness In The Garden

Happiness to me is seeing a garden teeming with many blossoms and much color. This is the time of year for my garden to come ablaze in an eclectic show of color.

These purple blooms are Queen's Wreath (petrea volubilis). This is as close as we get to Wisteria blooms down here in zone 10 Florida. I must say that every time she blooms, I feel a little bit of joy inside myself.

This is a picture of one side of the garden (the happy side) , here you can see what I mean when I say "eclectic". I used to compare my garden to those I saw in magazines or the formal gardens that I have visited and inevitably I'd end up feeling like a terrible gardener. I have finally come to accept that my gardening style is eclectic, wild and a little crazy. And I love it! I have given myself the freedom to enjoy it however it may look. I find myself continually in awe at the magic of nature. Having said that, I have promised myself that my next garden will be well thought out and planned. Until then...I'm at peace with my present crazy quilt of a garden.

A lizard lounging on the garden spheres.

The mystery plant, double petaled clarkia, in full bloom.

Looking up at the sky through the angel trumpet blossoms.

A happy day in the garden indeed!


Cathy said...

What a beautiful garden you have!
It sure looks like you put in a lot
of time, effort and love into it!

Dirt Princess said...

Very beautiful

tina said...

Your garden is most happy and beautiful! A wonderful place! Even the lizards think so:)

EB said...

Oh wow. I'm sitting here "oooing" like mad over your pictures!

Janet said...

I love your garden, eclectic is one way to describe it. I love eclectic. I sometimes call it 'cottage garden'. I like the Queen Wreath...may have to find more about that one!

Darla said...

Very pretty indeed! Oh, you can think well thought out plans all you want, Mother Nature has a way of doing what she wants to anyway. Did you enter to win a few posts down, for a soy candle?

Anonymous said...

It is SO tempting to compare our garden to the "better" ones but it's so counterproductive. I've gotten to the point that I will look but with the idea of gaining ideas. Not beating myself up. There are enough people outside the garden who will do that.

I love your garden. I'd love to just stretch out on your lawn, listen to the birds...no wait...I see a plant over there...what is that? I've got to have it. :)

Linda Lunda said...

Oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh o oh ohoh hoho hhoh oh ohoh oh oh oO HO OHOHohohohohohoooooooo!!!
Its... sooooo STUNNING!!!!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Karrita...oh to be in a garden like that! A garden that is so rich in colour. It'd be a joy to be in a place as pretty as that! Love that support and all your artistic creations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita, your garden reflects your creativity and unique style, as it should! Those magazine photos are for inspiration, not duplication! :-)

Gail said...

Hi Karrita, I love your garden spheres...they are wonderful! Your eclectic garden is delightful. The garden magazine photos can make the most secure and talented gardner feel less then! They are often too perfect. gail

Tatyana said...

Karrita, your garden looks very inviting and yes - spontanious, eclectic, unbrushed. This is exactly what I like in my own garden. I never did proper planning, my main way is that of a trial and error. Your garden is unique and beautiful.

Inbal Weisman said...

I love your garden. a free spirit, peace and happiness are in your garden.
I wish you could be my gardener!
I have a tiny garden, now wild (now I must go out to take some photos and put it in my Blog so you could see how eclectic gardens really looks like!)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I love eclectic...cottage garden...whatever we want to call it! You have a beautiful yard and garden...colorful and joyous!

Sue said...

I just got the answer to my question about where your brug, or angel trumpet is. It is so beautiful! You have a nice place.

My style is eclectic, too, or maybe hodge podge. Sweet Bay had a similar post recently, titled something about neatness being undesirable in the garden.

When I started my new bed last year, I had drawn a couple plans that I was trying to decide between, but when it came time to plant, I couldn't find where I put the plans, so I just experimented with laying things out until I could make a decision.

I think if we have fun and enjoy gardening, it doesn't matter what our style is.


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