Wordless Wednesday


Darla said...

I have my first packet of seeds for this plant, can't wait to grow it. Beautiful!

tina said...

Those nasturtiums are very happy! And sweet looking too:)

Rose Love said...

Thanks for the nice comment!
When I see your blog makes me embarrassed of my garden. I live in the mountains in Norway. Bulk snow and cold, it was recently a long time with temperatures down to munus 30C `Do you see the days posts and see how it is here now!
You make amazing things ceramic. Would like a lot of those, but it is too expensive to send it here.
Have a great day.
Come here on a visit as well.
Sorry my English.

Cathy said...


Kanak Hagjer said...

Such vibrant colours! I just love those variegated leaves and the red markings on that yellow nasturtium.

Serena's Secret Gardens said...

I love your blog the pics are beautiful. I will definitely keep an eye on it. I got my passion for gardens from my mum too.

Anonymous said...

I love your nasturtiums... The details in the petals, the colors, the leaf variegation. Very nice.

Petra said...

Very nice photos Karrita!
Do you know that you can eat the flowers? I´m not sure about the leaves, but the flowers are used to be in sallads. I never eat them, because I thik they are soooo pretty, but I´ve seen them in shops. Brrrr.
Strange world hey ;O)
Have a nice day.

Bren said...

I open this link and all Ican say is ' awwww.... Nasturtium!!!" I love it!!! this is the first seed packet collection I purchase each year. Thank you for your wordless weds. post. I need to start this on my blog... starting tomorrow!

THANK YOU for sharing your love of gardening!

Rose said...

Lovely! Do you know I've never grown nasturtiums? After seeing them in several gardens last summer as well as on some blogs, though, I made up my mind to find a place for them this year.

I see someone identified your mystery plant, and now I'm excited. I think I may have gotten some of these seeds in a seed exchange!

joey said...

Lovely photos ... I'm craving nasturtium!

Sue said...

Lovely pics! Nasturtiums grow better some years than others for me. I put few leaves and flowers in my salad. They are peppery, and go a long way, so I go for the younger leaves, and use them sparingly.


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