Artists In The Garden VI: Karen Hall of An Artist's Garden

Welcome to the sixth of a series of interviews about artists who garden. Today's interview will be with Karen Hall of An Artist's Garden, a textile artist and fellow Blotanical member.

1. What is your art, how did you come to creating it?

I am a professional embroiderer and artist and I have been stitching for as long as I can remember. I work on a variety of medium, including:- felt, paper, silk and organza. Often “found objects” leaves, petals, wood or metal are incorporated into my work. Free machine embroidery and hand stitching are my paint brushes.

2. What is your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from journeys – although usually journeys of the soul, or life journeys. More recently my inspiration has come from journeys around my garden or the local area. Traveling and paths feature often in my textile work.

3. How does your garden or nature influence your art?

I think that my garden has only really started influencing my art in the last couple of years – with the move to this house. I notice that my “goddesses” now seem to have flowers round them.
I have always enjoyed including animals in my textiles in a naive way.

4. Will you share a picture or two of your garden with us?

5. A picture of your favorite plant?

I don’t think that I have a favourite plant – this garden is very much work in progress. Since starting The Artist’s Garden, I think that the plant I am actually photographing is my favourite plant. Getting close up and personal with plants really helps me see them.

This is one of my favourite garden photos of a cosmos after some heavy rain.

6. Any photos of your art in the garden?

The textiles I create don’t really go in the garden, but this is “The Artist’s Garden-Studio” and more than enough art goes on in here for any garden!

7. What is the best lesson you have learned from the garden or nature?

Work with Nature -
I have gardened on sand and gravel,
I have gardened on clay,
Here I am gardening on stony wet soil. It really is important to try and pick plants that will be happy with the conditions in your garden.
From nature I learn about cycles, birth, life, death, re-birth. I think this is something else thing is prevalent in my art work.

8. Do you have a gardening tip to share with fellow gardeners?

I think that the best thing I have read this year is from Gail who gardens at Clay and Limestone in her post titled,
"I’m Looking at the Garden with Your Eyes."
"They are kinder, gentler than mine."

Compassionate Eyes is what I need to remember when I look at my garden.

9. Show us your favorite item in your Etsy shop.

Currently my Etsy shop is rather neglected – and does not have much in it. I think of the things that are there – I rather like the giclee print “Oasis” – my camel with attitude!

10. Show a favorite item from another Etsy shop.

There are so many fabulous artists now on ETSY – it is very hard to pick.
I really like the work of Seth Apter, a New York Artist.

Particularly this image, “Solstice Fifteen” his ETSY shop is
The Altered Page

Karen, I thank you for sharing your creative inspiration and textile creations with us! I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about you, your garden and your art!

Thanks for visiting! Please leave a comment if you'd like and stay tuned for the next "Artists in the Garden" interview.


Linda Lunda said...

Lovely!! The little bunny is so sweet!
Her art is so ... no word... Speciall?? One of a kind? sorry.. my English arent the best as you know.
BUT I do love her textile work!

Cathy said...

Really Nice! Happy Valentine's Day,
and thanks for sharing on all the great Artist and Gardeners!

Gail said...

What a fantastic interview...I was completely enchanted the whole way through...and what a surprise to see a link to my blog and Karen's delightful comments! Your artist series has been a delicious read! I hope there are more~~gail

tina said...

Looking at your garden with my eyes, it is simply beautiful. You should be very proud of it and your work too.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Wonderful post, as usual, Karrita! I love Karen's artwork and photography. Since I've been on Blotanical I actually haven't seen her garden so I was in awe to see a photo of it:) A beautiful oasis. She is a very creative individual who appreciates nature, as are you!
Happy Valentine's Day. Im looking at my beautiful Heart Dish that you sent me; how appropriate for Valentine's Day! I was really intrigued to know that you used a vine from your garden. How did you do that? Is the actual vine embedded within? I meant to ask you this before!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita and Karen, I love listening to these interviews and learning more about these talented artists. Karen, I so admire your art and love how it has evolved with your gardening. Thanks for showing us a peek of your studio, it looks like a place full of creative energy! Gail's words are always thoughtful and kind.

Botanical Bird said...

Fabulous art work Karen! I love the goddess and the bunny. I am very inspired by this interview. I thank you Karrita for doing this series, they are all truly special!
with love & kindness,

sol y sombra creations said...

Wonderful! I love the Venus Constellation piece...Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely artwork and a lovely view from the studio. Kudos to Karen

Artist's Garden said...

Thank you for interviewing me as one of your "Artist's in the Garden" series.
It was great to answer your questions, as it made me sit down and think - always a good thing.
Thanks must go also to all your lovely commentators - so glad that you all enjoyed seeing more of my work.
I look forward to more of these interviews Karrita - they so enjoyable to read.
An Artist's Garden

Roses and stuff said...

I admire Karen a lot - her textile art is so creative and special! Thanks for sharing yet another interesting interview!

queenlint1 said...

This is absolutely one of the most gorgeous blogs I know of! I'm including it in my blog roll because it's just to beautiful not to share! Wonderful article on my friend, Annette Emms! I love her textile work, but her pictures of her treks around the UK are superlative.

Dina Kerik
The Deepwater Journal

My Mother's Garden said...

Thank you to all for coming by and especially for leaving a comment! I am so glad you're all as thrilled with these interviews as I am!



I made a mold using plants from my garden and then made the dish from it. It is the impression of the vine that you see in the dish. I really enjoy using bits of nature in my clay work and am really happy you like your pay it forward gift!

Rose said...

Karrita, another wonderful interview! I've visited Karen's blog on a few occasions and have enjoyed her humor as presented through comics. It was wonderful here to see some of her textile art. She is so talented, and I enjoyed her thoughtful answers to all your questions. Great work!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I enjoyed this interview. I have not seen Karen's art before. What you showed is gorgeous. The peek into her garden is lovely too. I will look forward to seeing more interviews.

You asked about the Earth Star in my terrarium. The scientific name is Cryptanthus. I don't really know much about them other than I like the way they look. I am not sure what family they are in. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Sue said...

This was another creative interview. I love the interaction and the photos of art and gardens throughout.

Seth said...

What a wonderful interview Karrita. It was great learning more about Karen, who seems as nice and interesting as she is creative. Karen...there is such beauty in all your art. And I am so touched that you included my artwork as some of your favorite. Thanks!

Linda Lunda said...

Where are you? come over and seeee!!!!!!!!!

Linda Lunda said...

I LOVE them Bouth!!!! THANK you so mutsh!!!!!!!!
I have put them on my mantelpiese in my best room for everyone to see them!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Particularly love the seahorse and rabbit works. I love textile art as it's so three-dimensional.

joey said...

Thoroughly delightful interview ... you have certainly chosen a favorite artist of mine. Karen is indeed an amazing woman!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Karrita, I've visited An Artist's Garden many times but to read an interview like this is wonderful. Beautiful photos of Karen's garden and studio... And her artwork is really something!

Thank you for this series Karrita. And thanks to you too, Karen.

Pam Kersting said...

Great interview! I loved it. And I really loved the photograph of the artist's garden looking through her doorway. You can clearly see that she has a painterly touch to her garden and that view really entices me to want to go out there and experience that beautiful garden!

Petra said...

I really like Karens art.
This interwiev is excellent
Thanks for sharing it with us.
have a wonderful week, Petra

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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