Artists In The Garden IV: Annette Emms of Fairy Shoes and Other Things

Welcome to the fourth of a series of interviews about artists who garden. Today's interview will be with Annette Emms of Fairy Shoes andOther Things, a textile artist.

1. What is your art, hobby or craft? How did you come to creating it?

I'm a textile artist, a creator of books and a teller of tales. As far as I can remember, I've always had a needle in my hand and a story in my head.

I'm selling the pattern to make these shoes in my Etsy shop, here.

2. What is your inspiration?

For me, inspiration is all around, in the magic I find in the natural world, in poetry and in Myth and Legend. I love to explore the places in my stories, to get the 'feel' of things. This summer I spent time researching the legend of 'Tristan and Iseult', in Cornwall, so romantic...I hope to make a mixed media book about the legend.

3. How does your garden or nature influence your art?

I love to walk in the beautiful countryside where I live. There is so much which excites me and influences my work, whether it's an ancient tree or a rippling sea of bluebells in my favourite woodland.

4. Will you share a picture or pictures of your garden with us?

I feel like an impostor here! My gardening skills are minimal and my garden tiny.
I'm sure you'll understand when I tell you that it has suffered at the paws of my lovely Rowan, a Flat Coated Retriever, who's happy hunting ground is my poor garden!
All is not lost though, the birds still come to visit and my roses have somehow survived, I like their waxy perfection and enchanting scent.

5. Will you share a picture or pictures of your favorite plant?

Does this tree count as a plant? Hope so.
It's an old, old Oak, on a ridgeway path near to my mother's home in Malvern.
Over the years I have visited it many times, with small children, several different dogs and sometimes alone in the pouring rain. Each meeting fills me with wonder.

6. Do you have a favorite public garden to recommend?

I'm a member of the National Trust for Great Britain and enjoy visiting the gardens in their care.
It's hard to choose a favourite, perhaps a formal knot garden, the topiary at Lytes Cary, or the wonderful landscaped parks made centuries ago by Capability Brown?

On reflection I think I'll choose the Colby Woodland Garden, in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
It has a delightful formal, walled garden with many rare and exotic plants and a wild and lovely woodland walk with peeps through the trees, to the sea.

7. What is the best lesson you have learned from the garden or nature?

Each of nature's seasons has it's highs and lows, just like life,
"for every thing there is a season..." (Ecclesiastes 3. 1-8)

8. Do you have a gardening tip to share with fellow gardeners?

I'm just not qualified to answer this question! Having said that...I love to encourage birds to visit my garden, they are so sweet to watch and funny too. I remember a few years ago, a most persistent little Blue Tit who kept landing on a large yellow toy duck ( which had been left in the garden by our last dog Theo) and tugging with all his might to get some of the toy's stuffing, to line his nest. Each tug, lifted the duck's head a little and poor old Theo, watching close by, was very confused!

9. Show us your favorite item in the Annetteemms.etsy shop

I only have one item for sale at the moment, the pattern for my Fairy Shoes.

10. Show a favorite item from another etsy shop.

My favourite items on Etsy are in Rima Staines The Hermitage. Do visit her, there are many delights to wander through!

Annette, I thank you for sharing your love of nature and creative inspiration with us! I look forward to reading your mixed media book about the 'Tristan andIseult" legend.
Wishing you much success!

Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment if you'd like and stay tuned for the next "Artists in the Garden" interview.


tina said...

Annette, You must be a fun person to have a needle in your hand and story in your head always! Your work is beautiful and I can't tell you how much I'd love to walk thru a sea of blue bells. One of these days....

Anonymous said...

Lovely interview with a textile artist whose work I find enchanting, it was a delight to learn more about Annette

annette emms said...

Karrita, thank you so much for including me in your 'Artists in the Garden' series, I am honoured !Especially as my horticultural skills are sadly lacking. . .
You have made such a lovely presentation of my words and pictures, I love the links you added too!
Bless you for your kindness.xx

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Tina~
I agree with you 100%

Enchanting is the perfect word for Annette's textile work.
Your next!

Hi Annette~
You are very welcome! Your horticulture skills look pretty good to me, your roses are the proof! I so enjoyed putting your interview together. I was able to learn new things about English gardens, Tristan and Iseult and Capability Brown.
My thanks are to you!

Linda Lunda said...

OOOhhhhhhhh so beautiful!
I have been in to here blog and hade a look around and love her shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita and Annette, hooray! I have made one purchase on ETSY and it was the pattern for these fairy shoes. Now when they will get made, who knows, but I do love the ones she has shown here. They and she, (Annette) are full of magic! I love her choice of the old oak, for that is my favorite tree, so full of the power of the earth! Thanks to you both,

Roses and stuff said...

It's a delight to visit your blog and read the interviews with all those fantastic, creative people! It's such an inspiration - and I admire all their work - as I do yours! You are so very talanted!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Thank you for once again a very interesting interview Karrita. It is so fascinating to meet all these wonderful creative artists. Those Fairy shoes are just adorable Annette and their names like poetry.

xoxo Tyra

Shane VanOosterhout said...

Wonderful of you to view the garden as narrative. I believe that a good garden should be full of good stories! I love your pic of the big oak tree. & Thank you for viewing my blog The Passionate Gardener.

Linda Lunda said...

Hi Sweet K!
Didnt you get my email??? I did seend it 2 days ago?????
Hmm I will try again! STUPID mail!!! Grrrr...
Haha maby you´l get it next week like last time?

sol y sombra creations said...

Magical work!!

ConsciousGardener said...

Wow this blog is amazing, I love the faerie shoes and the way the love of nature and art inspired by nature weave a delicate thread! Thanks!

David said...

Wao this is really amazing i like it.........Really its too much funny...
Sydney Plumber

Jane Marie said...

These things are all so lovely. I am truly in awe.
Stop my Thyme for Herbs. I have an award for you :)

Anonymous said...

I just love this idea for a blog post....gardening goes so well with art, and gardens are such an inspiration for art!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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