Wonderful Wordless Wednesday


Linda Lunda said...

Ohh my GOD!!!
Wonderful! It takes my breth away!
Happy New Year!

tina said...

Linda said it best, the picture of the brugs and I assume some kind of celosia? takes my breath away too. Where else to start? First, I have a dog named CeCe as well. My son's golden mix. I like the name. Mine is named after my twin daughters, their initials are C and E, doubled and you have twins-hence CeCe. I like the spelling of yours too.

Then the ceramics. You are very talented and busy! Where do you find time to garden? My aunt used to have a ceramic shop. I have a great attachment to all the ones she made for me. So great they are in a curio in the house taking up much space! The garden is a great place for them. And I wanted to say how super fantastic you did on the fire vine plant (I think that was it) and the plate that you used the vine to mold. It is awesome. I hope your new year was great and that 2009 is the best ever for you. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I must your blog is SO awesome, fun and well done! I especially liked the punctuation issue post. Too fun!

My Mother's Garden said...

Linda~Thanks and Happy new year to you as well!

Tina~ Wow! We gave our dogs the same name :) I like the meaning behind how you chose your CeCe name. My husband named ours. The photo is of brugs and a mystery plant that I had taken a cutting of two years ago, I have to go back to the garden the cutting came from to get its proper name.

I love the story of your aunt and the ceramics she made for you, it warms my heart. I imagine she feels honored and happy that they mean so much to you.
Glad you liked the firebush mold too, I'm really having fun making molds of new things as they bloom in the garden.

I just added your group blog to my list :) what a great way to blog.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2009!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita, love your pinks and purples and your artwork. Hope ETSY was a big success for you this year, your wares are so special and beautiful. I am thinking about selling some of my works, I have the name Fairegarden registered. Happy new year!

My Mother's Garden said...

Congrats on your etsy set up! I wish you much success! Let me know if you need any help...it can be a little time consuming in the beginning and there are a few tips that can help.

Thank you for the well wish

Ara Morenberg Cochran said...

Karrita - Your garden is beyond lovely. You've got the artistic eye for placement and green thumbs to boot.



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