The Arthur R. Marshall Cyprees Swamp Refuge

Once inside the swamp you find yourself wrapped inside a dense forest of tropical growth. It was a true to delight to the soul to find myself walking among all this beauty, beauty that I imagine I would have never seen had it not been for this refuge and the wooden walkway through the forest. The threat, imagined or not, of alligators and snakes would have kept me far from any swamp.

This fern is the largest to grow in North America, each frond can reach a height of 16 feet. Really magnificent to see.
Throughout the swamp the trees seemed to be decorated with different varieties of bromeliad, lichen and moss.
I look forward to going back soon and observing even more gifts from nature in this beautiful park.


Anonymous said...

This is so mysterious and would be unknown if the path did not exist. I'm like you as I would not go there without the path.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What a gorgeous walk. I could find peace there strolling along and taking in (keeping my thoughts from the crawling things) all the different plants than is up here in the north.The fern is huge. Never knew there was a specimen that grew so large. Thanks for posting the pictures. Tropical is good on a cold day of temperature at 24 degrees and snow falling.

My Mother's Garden said...

Mysterious is the perfect word to describe this swamp forest. Thanks for the visit!

HockingHillsGardner~ Yes, it truly was a gorgeous walk. I hope you're snuggled up and warm, drinking a nice cup of tea in that 24 degree weather.
Thanks for the visit!

annette emms said...

What a wonderful, magical world you have shown us here . . . (do you mind a comment from a severely horticulturaly challenged person? )Hope not!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Annette Emms~

Thanks for wandering over! All comments are greatly appreciated :)
Loved your fairy shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita, thanks so much for showing this magical place. Giant ferns, broms and lichens, what a mood setter. I could spend hours in such a spot as this, the drippiness of it comes through loud and clear from the photos. Wonderful! (I bought the pattern for those fairy shoes! :-))

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty. Swamps are one of my favorite ecosystems- I don't know why, just something about them.

My Mother's Garden said...

How exciting to hear that you got the pattern for those gorgeous fairy shoes. I look forward to seeing your creation! I'm glad you liked the swamp photos.

I, too, am starting to really see and appreciate the beauty of swamp ecosystems. They're mysterious to me.

Linda Lunda said...

Pleace take me there somday!?
Ist so amazing! You just waiting to see faires and dragons!

My Mother's Garden said...

Yes, it really is a magical place. Someday you'll have to see it.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Karrita, Oh how I love the natural swamps in Florida. Like you I am thankful for the wooden walkways as all the water keeps us out if on foot otherwise. So magical is a stand of cypress. And aren't they especially beautiful this fall the way the trees have turned to a coppery glow from the cooler weather we've been having.
Thanks for taking us along this beautiful trip with you.

The Organic Gardener said...

What ever was growing on those trees is pretty crazy. The Moss gives it a very cool spoocky feel. The 16ft fern that you showed was also neat. When I was in Puerto Rico, I had seen some ferns that looked like small trees. They were very cool!

sol y sombra creations said...

so magical...i wish i could be there right now, although the snow is very pretty here right now.
thanks for looking at my new tiles...didn't do too many big ones this time--i had a large commission for many many small tiles of skulls and hearts.
my faves of this bunch are a night by the river(i am gonna keeep for myself) and siren flight
how's your holiday season going?

BlossomingTree said...

What lovely photos!


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