My Very Own Frog Prince

I made this giant funny frog for my husband for Christmas a few years back. I must have read too many fairy tales as a child because I seem to have a strong affinity for the myth of a frog turning into a prince.I just think they are so cute. I inscribed "For the one I love" around the base of the crown and wrapped it in a big box to go under the tree. I'm happy to say that "the one I love" really liked this gift.


Linda Lunda said...

Ohhh he is wonderfull!!!!!

Linda Lunda said...

Hihi.. he dont want to have a kiss and turn in to a price ! He wants to stay in his frogsuit.
He has his tiny hands over his mauth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karrita, he is a charming fellow. I really like his crown too.


compost in my shoe said...

We all need princes in our any extra ones.....?

Petra said...

Hi, funny frog I must say!
I suppose you kissed him already? Have a nice weekend, Petra

Darla said...

So cute, what plant is that, pinta?

Philip Bewley said...

That is so charming and wonderful.


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