Mushrooms Fresh From The Kiln

These are the knew bright and colorful shroomies fresh from the kiln. I am experimenting with making smaller shrooms so they can fit into potted plant arrangements. What do you think? Should I make them in more natural colors? I love to hear thoughts and comments.


Linda Lunda said...

I think they are just your stile! I have rounded round you blogg... and I think you have to go on your on feeling!
They are werry werry lovely!
Do you work in stoneware or ordernary clay?
My self work in stonewere... becurse in our coold winters nothing else would work!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Linda~
I like to work in earthenware because of the wide range of colors but I think I will start playing with some stoneware ideas soon, I like the depth of the stoneware glazes. I live in tropical Florida so the earthenware works well.
I would love to see your shrooms when they get out of kiln.
Thanks for the comments~

chey said...

Those are adorable! I really like those colors.

Linda Lunda said...

Godmorning My New Freind!!!


My Mother's Garden said...

Good Morning my friend~
How are you today?
Hopefully today I will spend some time in the garden planting a few Pentas and Canna, that is of course after I do all the weeding :) Hope you have an weekend.

My Mother's Garden said...

ooops! An enjoyable weekend.

Sue Swift said...

I'd go for natural colours - I think you might even fool people they were real.

Have come in from Blotanical. Wanted to leave you a welcome message on the site there, but it's loading so slowly ...
Anyway, when Stuart gets the problems sorted I hope we'll see you around a lot - it's usually a fun place to be.


Linda Lunda said...

Hi my new freind! No I have not worked with ceramic so loong.... a few years in total ... if you put it al together.


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