Tecoma Seeds

I have just harvested hundreds of seeds off of this gorgeous Tecoma Stans tree, if anyone wants to trade seeds please leave a comment. plant info below-

Tecoma stans 'Gold Star' has a very long flowering season, from early summer to late fall. This is a shrub or small tree that reaches 15-20 feet in height and can be pruned heavily after flowering to keep it compact . The flowers are bright yellow in color, 2 inches long with trumpet shape and clustered at the branch tips, hence the name Yellow Bells. The fruit on Esperanza is a "bean type" capsule about 8 inches long that ripens to a chocolate brown color. 'Gold Star' was discovered by Greg Grant for it's early flowering, heat tolerance, vigor, and pest resistance. 'Gold Star' produces large clusters of yellow flowers all the way till frost, more so than the species.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 10-12
Plant Use: Flowering Perennial/ Shrub
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Sun
Water Requirements: Low


Linda Lunda said...

Sooo beytiful!
I hope to hear from you sooooooon.. :o)! Have a nice time....

Anonymous said...

Oh darn, it's not hardy in my zone 7 garden. It's a beautiful tree!

chey said...

The flowers are so profuse. Very beautiful! Not hardy in my zone 5 either:(.


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