Does anyone know the name of this plant? I found this when I was walking through a local park, I took a small stem and rooted in the ground, it's a really fast grower that bloomed this year from spring to summer. She really is a beautiful flower with 8" to 10" reddish spires.


Georgiagirl said...

Is the picture of the original plant or is it yours from the piece you pinched ?

Isn't it fun pinching others, plants ... Seems to me they always do better than those we pay for

It is a Justicia brandegeana
A Shrimp plant I have 2 different ones. One blooms in the spring and the other is blooming now there is a couple of pictures on my blog.

enjoy it.. it is one of my favorites. My mothers is over 6ft tall year around here in Savannah.

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Georgiagirl~

It is a picture of what the cutting has grown into. I'm gonna go and research the name "Justicia brandegeana" to see if it fits my plant.
I agree that pinching plants is the best, gives one a sense of amazement to see how they grow ( and pride).

Off to visit your blog, enjoy today.

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Georgiagirl~
I checked out the Shrimp plant and it's not a match. These blooms are like 10x the size of those.
the mystery continues :)


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