"Blossoming Birdhouse"

New birdhouses fresh from the kiln. I kept a few of my latest pieces out of the Sugarsand exhibition so I could list them in My Mother's Garden Etsy shop.


Linda Lunda said...

I want your ceramic! I NEED IT!!!!!!!!
If I ever go to Florida... I want to meet you! And I want to see al your amazing artwork!
Maby I steel it al from you... he he he ...

My Mother's Garden said...

You are so kind with your words.
We definitely have to meet one day!
I would love to take one of your workshops, it looks like you all had fun at the last one.
What did you make in the workshop?
Off to visit you~

Petra said...

So colourful and charming your birdhouses!
Your blog really gives me lots of inspirations.

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Petra,
Makes me smile to know that my pieces have inspired someone.
Thank you!
I like the strawberry and the king greenware pieces that you made.
It'll be neat to see what they look like when they are finished.

Linda Lunda said...

Hi Karrita.. I didnt do enything at the workshops.... only helpt and teach the other about working in clay.


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