Linda Lunda said...

MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice!!!!
WERRY nice!

Petra said...

These ceramic flowers are very nice, they remind me of an idea I had a couple of years ago, I spent alot of time in my loved backyard (as usual) and within only one night a thunderstorm with hale (ice-corn-cubes????:o)
destroyed it all....I was so sad and angry and depressed that day...and I thought, well, I give up, I`ll have a desert of cement in the whole garden, I´ll leave some holes in the cement and I will make some diffrent flowers of clay for each season of the year and place them in the holes... och a stick, hahaha...you know, i´m very creative..even in mind :o)
But thanks god I never went from thought to action. Have a nice autumn-day! Off course I will sent some pics of the european ThanksGivingDecoration I´m doing right now....promise.


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