Look what I found on Blotanical-Beautiful garden art created by Linda from Sweden

This is the ceramic art of my friend Linda.
Linda creates beautiful objects for the garden in Sweden.

We just found each other through the Blotanical.com garden blog directory, "Where garden blogs bloom." Blotanical is a great network of gardeners from around the world, a truly unique group that is open to all who love to garden. Check it out and join the fun!

Check out her Ceramic blog LindaLunda- Keramik!


Linda Lunda said...

God Morning! And what a morning!!!!! Thank YOU!
Hihih.. I thought you might do some thing at the side with one photo ... to link! BUT NOT THIIIIS!!!!
You surtenly made my morning shine like your Florida´n sun!!!!!!!!!!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Linda,
So glad you like it!
I think your art looks beautiful.

Petra said...

Hi Karrita & Linda,
off course I had to sneak into your bloggs and follow your correspondance.
I must admit ..since I saw Lindas ceramics I am adicted to it...magical figures from fairytales.
Great to see your blog as well, it always brings new inspirations to see crafts from other creative souls.
Loved your Angels-trumpets
and gardenceramics!
Off course I will continue visiting your site.
Greetings from the most southern part of Sweden,

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Petra~
So nice to read your comment,I think Linda's art is fantastic!
I'm still new to the whole blog experience, having fun while learning.
Thanks for stopping by.
Off to visit your blog now~

West Coast Island Gardener said...

So glad I discovered/stumbled upon your blog from blotanical.

Love your Toad Abode House and how your work is so sympathetic to nature.

cheers from a fellow Chihuly fan

My Mother's Garden said...

West Coast-
Thanks for your nice words and for stopping by!
You must see a lot of Chihuly art in your neck of the woods.
Off to visit your blog~

Linda Lunda said...

Hi there... time for a new posting... you have to let us se your tings now!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hej dat Linda,
I hope to make a new post today :) it's been on my list of things to do for a few days.
Everyone really loves your art that comes to visit my blog.


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